We start our clients off with a marketing audit to help guide the proper next step Audit your marketing with i-REVEAL.

Learn to be a great marketer.

Here at the InCon Marketing Academy, we give you the tools and knowledge needed to be a successful marketer. After going through our coursework, students will know how to promote and sell products and brands.

Why Our Courses?

This course was crafted from an entrepreneur, small business perspective. What this simply means is it was created to deal with real small business marketing issues. The difference is we understand smaller companies struggle with the budget; therefore, not all strategies, tactics, and efforts will work. We get right to the key fundamental things that need to be done to grow your business. In a nutshell, we keep it real with your small business reality. The worst thing we can do as marketing professionals tell you something that you just can’t implement because you are not at the right level.

Courses Included

The Marketing Starting Place
What’s Included?
Discover the typical marketing failures.
 Quickly learn how to expose your marketing gaps.
 Learn marketing in 1 day.
Marketing Research
What’s Included?
Learn How to Conduct Market, Industry, and Competitor Research.
 Identify your target audience with this market research course.
 Insightful market research will help you build a better brand.
 A marketing research course will help you get a better understanding of your target audience.

What’s Included?
Understand what branding is.
Levering a brand audit to make good decisions.
Creating Your Brand Story and Strategy.
Your Brand’s Identity
Creating Collateral
Organizing your brand assets
Marketing Strategy
What’s Included?
Understand the marketing strategy key elements
Learn how to establish clear and meaningful marketing goals
Identify and determine the best marketing channels for your business
Understand all the requirements, need to implement the marketing strategy

Wait, We Have A Special Deal

This ultimate marketing success system is designed to equip you with all the resources you need to be a better marketer and create a profitable marketing strategy by yourself. Below is a breakdown of what you will receive in this awesome bundle:

The Ultimate Marketing Audit and Guides:
  • Step-By-Step Marketing Research eBook & Guide
  • Step-By-Step Marketing Strategy Guide
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Courses
The Ultimate Marketing eBook Bonus Package:
    o  Financial Planning for Everyday People
    o  Content Marketing Blueprint  Facebook Ads Mastered
    o  Social Media Marketing Boost
    o  Beginners Guide to Pay-Per-Click Ads
    o  The New Guide to SEO eBook
    o  Facebook Ads Mastered
    o  21 Email Marketing Hacks Audio Book and Ebook

Regular Price: $399

Special Deal: $129

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We not only teach you, but we give you key tools, resources, and guides that will help you implement and execute upon what you have learned.


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