Improve Your Marketing Plan by Taking One Simple Step

The pressure is real

The need to improve and be savvier comes with a significant amount of pressure; especially, when you’re growing your small business or justifying your role and campaigns on the job. The executive team can be tough to please, right?

While taking a course and reading high volumes of content can add value, it does not come without a hefty time commitment. Who has all this time - especially when results are needed immediately?

1. What is a Marketing audit?

A marketing audit is a full diagnostic of your overall marketing program and or a single marketing function (e.g. social media), using a systematic process that identifies trouble spots or opportunities that allow you with marketing planning, decision making, marketing execution, and the list goes on.

2. Why is a marketing audit important?

Why a marketing audit is important is the same reason taking an annual medical exam is important. Fundamentally, you can’t fix, create, or optimize marketing if you don’t know what to address or how to address it.

This means your ability to create exposure and maximize engagement with your audience will be hampered.  The marketing audit will help prevent this as well as prevent major marketing mistakes.

3. What can you gain from a marketing audit?


There are so many benefits of a marketing audit, but for the sake of space, a quick list is provided.


  • Allows you to refocus your marketing activities to align back with your big picture.
  • You can quickly determine what is working or not.
  • Help you identify new ideas and more effective strategies.
  • Assess your internal marketing system to find inefficiencies or trouble spots.
  • Save you thousands of dollars that can be wasted by implement ill-prepared marketing strategies.
  • Helps owners, marketers, and top executives make informed decisions.
  • Serves as a marketing report card to assess improvements over time.
  • Reduces the learning curve when you simply don’t know how to do something.
  • Identify marketing problems early and solve them before costly mistakes occur.

4. Why doesn’t every company use marketing audits?


While there are many reasons marketing audits are not widely used in business, below is a snapshot of top barriers we have noticed:

Most are just not aware of marketing audits.


  1. It is not an easy task. For example: Where do you start? What do you need to audit? How do you need to do the audit? These are questions that many just simply can’t answer.
  2. Traditional marketing audits can be expensive and time-consuming. For example, hiring a marketing agency to conduct the audit comes with a price tag that many are unwilling to pay.
  3. Many focus on immediate gratification – spending on audits doesn’t seem like it will get you the immediate conversions you desperately need.

5. How can companies easily perform a marketing audit with facing the traditional barriers?


As always, leveraging technology is always an option for consideration.

One, in particular, is i-REVEAL, a marketing intelligence platform that includes marketing auditing technology to perform a thorough marketing audit.


6. How does i-REVEAL benefit you?


  • You don’t have to be an expert in performing a marketing audit, the platform does it all for you.
  • Helps you pinpoint exactly what and where you need to improve your marketing.
  • Gives you a full marketing audit at an affordable rate.
  • Helps you build a better marketing plan and strategy.
  • See your results immediately.

Is i-REVEAL right for You?”

If you are in the following situations, i-REVEAL is great for you:

  • Want to grow,
  • Have had a bad experience with marketing,
  • Want better marketing results.