L-Sync Solutions Rebranding


L-Sync is a Dallas based construction, logistics, and supply chain consulting company. The company has been branded amongst its potential clients as a logistics company. The company asked InCon, LLC to revamp its brand and provide branding expertise to integrate with its key stakeholders and potential clients. The project focused on addressing the following issues:

The existing brand didn’t tell the company’s full story and caused market confusion.

The brand failed to resonate with the desired target audience – this impacted awareness and perception.

The brand content didn’t speaks directly to market needs and shortfalls to provoke a market reaction.


Our approach focused on providing direction for the creation of the company’s rebrand campaign. To deliver this project we were able to leverage almost every core solution of our company in one project. The following process was followed:

1. Initial Assessment
2. Brand Messaging Session
3. Research & Insights
4. Brand Creation & Strategy


Through our comprehensive process we were able to deliver a quality product that appeals to the company’s four major audiences: Leadership, Competition, Existing Clientele, and Potential Clients. Consideration of these groups ensured the rebrand was not created off mere intuition but based on intelligence that would enable the creation of a meaningful brand that resonates with those L Sync seeks to do business with.

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